How Blossom transformed Plasson’s entire learning, development, and onboarding processes

Case Study: Plasson

The team at Plasson understands the importance of complying with a raft of international health, hygiene, and safety legislation.

The global leader producer of plastic fittings for plumbing, water, and gas, struggled to have a consistent approach for its learning and development function–resulting in inconsistency, duplicated training processes, and incomplete data.

Not only did they have weak methods of integrating existing technology, but they also wanted a comprehensive solution to help scale.

About Plasson:

“Quality comes first and foremost” is how Plasson builds its excellent reputation. Based in Israel, with a workforce of over 2000 employees, Plasson has a leading international presence.

With over 50 years of product development experience, Plasson knows its stuff. Skilled professionals understand how to innovate and transform great ideas into reality.  

As a leader in products for water, farming, healthcare, and education industries, Plasson has a range of manufacturing sites and subsidiaries worldwide.


The global manufacturer of plastic fittings wanted to overhaul its existing learning and development (L&D) practices, as Doron explains:

“Safety training for employees was a mess.  They used a combination of spreadsheets, files and documents. Every department managed it differently, with different information held on employees, and nobody knew who had completed what, or could keep track of the progress of each employee. 
Each manager used to complete employee assessments with a paper and pen, then scan, collate and send to the relevant people, which is now all digitized and automated.”

Considering Plasson has to comply with stringent requirements, the company needed help to comply with Health and Safety legislation and consistently coordinate employee training and onboarding.

Individuals and departments managed training differently. HR and senior management were unable to understand gaps and plan training events. Inconsistent people data and analytics made it difficult to make strategic decisions and allocate resources when needed.

By using traditional methods of recording employee training, the company needed more efficient processes. Duplication, human error, and the need for third-party technology hamper a return on investment (ROI) and the value a skilled workforce brings.

Problems Solved: 

  • Plasson has now eliminated microservice sprawl by having a centralized system to coordinate L&D efforts
  • Blossom’s intuitive software has enabled employees to create their own learning content, reducing the need and associated costs with external technology 
  • As Blossom seamlessly integrates their HR system, the company now has robust people analytics at their fingertips–allowing the team to measure the financial impact of workforce development initiatives

Key Takeaways:

  • Improved training, development, and onboarding workflows
  • Intuitive interfaces make accessing the right information at the right time seamless–regardless of the hardware used or location
  • Easy-to-navigate portals make L&D efforts enjoyable and engaging for everyone
  • Blossom’s modular design is flexible and cost-effective. Comprehensive features enable Plasson to scale with software that can grow with future business needs

Client Quote:

“Before Blossom, it was very complicated and time-consuming tracking and managing training for our teams, as well as onboarding new employees. This problem has been alleviated with Blossom. It has saved time for managers now with a much faster and more efficient system.  It has also saved us money since we used to invest a lot in third-party tutorials, which managers can now create themselves conveniently within Blossom.
Doron Batsir – 365 Implementer IT Department, Plasson Ltd.