Organizational Management

Take your organization to your vision with the help
of invaluable performance and BI insights
  • Powerful BI Tools
    Plan strategic actions based on insightful benchmark reports on overall organization activity
  • Customizable, support for connectivity issues
    Blossom is modular, extremely customizable to fit your organization’s exact needs and offers solutions to remote location and connectivity issues
  • Performance Evaluation
    Track staff progress, identify challenges and soft-spots and optimize management decisions
  • Training Standardization
    Global, organization-wide standardization of training methods and materials
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HR, Training & Development

Build an efficient, constantly optimizing work environment
that will get more done with less
  • Personnel Performance Reports and reviews
    Reports, performance dashboard and evaluation forms to monitor and improve learning and training in your organization
  • Easy Scheduling and Registration
    Automatically managed scheduling, recruiting and registration process
  • Streamline logistics
    Manage all training-related expenses, resources, budgets and workplans in one helpful place
  • Preserving organizational knowledge
    Large and accessible knowledge center to help store and distribute organizational knowledge and training materials
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Information Technology

Take your organization into the future of resource planning and learning software.
Get both in-depth data AND friendly User Interface
  • Modular and customizable
    Select the modules your organization needs now and we can easily tailor it to fit your exact needs. Blossom is scalable, works in Agile development methodology and can grow with you as your needs expand
  • Hosting solutions
    Blossom can be hosted on site or on the cloud, depending on your specific hosting needs
  • Connectivity troubleshooting
    We support solutions for technologically challenging locations, poor connectivity, low bandwidth and offline conditions
  • Easy and fast integrations
    Blossom is scalable and with its unique dynamic API can automatically integrated with any other software: CRM, ERP, Active Directory, mail server, etc.
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Benefit from a more helpful, productive and enjoyable work space
and evolve your professional capacity
  • Your portal to the organization
    Access and manage all your organizational info: schedule trainings, personal profile, news and updates, sharing and social platform and more.
  • Huge knowledge center
    Read, view and listen to all the learning materials your organization has accumulated. Access it anywhere, anytime.
  • Give your career a boost
    See your qualifications and professional accomplishments, get organizational perspective on what you need to advance your career
  • Simplified communication and collaboration
    Share your professional content and experience with your colleages in lively discussions on a delightful social platform
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Learn how Blossom can help
your organization

improve all aspects of personal management, training and learning
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