“All the software you need for training management”
Whether it’s building courses, adding course content, managing tests, surveys, regulatory training - everything required for staff training processes is built in to the Blossom software package, under one roof. For both training managers and trainees, Blossom is a user-friendly, accessible platform that keeps everybody up to date in real time with their training status. Any company that offers employee training will benefit immensely from Blossom software. - Tali Shacham, Operations Coordinator, Learning Processes & Intra-organizational Communications, YES
“Highly functional, visually appealing and accessible”
Blossom is the software of choice for management of Micro Focus Israel’s internal training academy, which serves hundreds of employees with dozens of courses each year.  Blossom’s platform is highly functional. It interfaces with email, so employees can receive training invitations and sign up to courses directly via their inbox. The UX is visually appealing and accessible, which is well suited to the hi-tech culture of our organization. Blossom has taken our training management processes up a level in terms of efficiency and control. - Maya Gutman, Learning & Development, Micro Focus
“I really love Blossom”
Perach is a large distance learning organization, with 21,000 registered tutors. We replaced our purpose-built e-learning system , which wasn’t able to provide for our needs, with Blossom’s platform, and never looked back. Blossom is accessible, intuitive and simple, as expressed by our large base of tutors who gave it a good grade in our satisfaction survey. The move to Blossom has empowered us to provide access to relevant content and tasks for each individual user, plus provides us with hi-resolution control from afar. The notifications/messaging system is particularly useful for us, as we can send appropriate messages to specific users. We have also begun using Blossom for our annual employee performance reviews, as well as large-scale users surveys, which we handled manually prior to Blossom. In short, Blossom has created a dramatic change in the way we manage all our learning and training processes - all in one place. I really love it. - Liat Segal, Training & HR Manager, Perach
“A true technology partner”
My company is a Blossom client for over a decade. We use the platform to manage external training processes for hundreds of end users all over the world. The system is very powerful and flexible, yet at the same time, so easy to use. Creating learning materials and managing users is fast and efficient. We get a lot of good feedback from our customers worldwide, from the US and South America, to the Far East and Australia, who say that the system is intuitive and user friendly. The Blossom team is incredibly responsive and caring, always at the ready with fast, professional answers, and the system is constantly being upgraded and improved. With Blossom, we have a true technology partner for our e-learning company. - Tzachi Goldman, Founder, OfekGMAT

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