How OTI reduced administrative burden and elevated its training and development function

Case Study: OTI

The team at OTI helps children and families on the autistic spectrum. Its diverse multi-professional workforce found developing skills a chore. Outdated processes for searching and undertaking learning activities made simple tasks complicated. 

A lack of reporting tools made monitoring learners’ progress and completion rates difficult. The team needed help to identify areas for improvement, track compliance requirements, and assess the effectiveness of training programs.

Blossom helped OTI improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and impact of its training initiatives with agility to meet complex needs.

About OTI:

Israeli-based OTI is the oldest learning organization for supporting children and teenagers on the autistic continuum. 

By working in partnership with various other professionals to unite services around a child’s or teenager’s care, they offer a holistic approach that focuses on improving family life.

OTI has over 2600 employees nationwide in more than 315 treatment settings. The organization has complex needs making workforce development challenging and diverse.


OTI has employees who need professional development opportunities to practice safely and comply with regulations.

Long-winded processes for searching and completing training events made learning complicated and unpleasant. The team used Zoom and email to schedule training. Searching through numerous emails for information was time-consuming and irritating. Simple employee tasks, for example, searching for training events, resulted in low participation levels and non-attendance. 

Access to non-existent people data made workforce development audit and evaluation processes impossible. OTI could not identify which training has the most significant impact–resulting in a lack of understanding about future investment opportunities.

Problems Solved: 

  • Blossom provides a variety of learning programs that inspire and motivate employees
  • A customizable platform allows the team to create and manage learning content to suit the variation in roles and age groups 
  • Robust analytics provide real-time information about workforce development, giving what they need to evaluate employee learning
  • Reduced administrative load. Blossom provided a seamless and efficient way of carrying out routine learning and development tasks

Key Takeaways:

  • Eliminated time-consuming and repetitive tasks with an ordered and easy-to-use platform
  • Built the foundation for continuously improving workforce development
  • Significantly reduced the risk of human error across the business with automated processes
  • Ability to monitor and evaluate education and training events for compliance and ROI
  • Optimized training resources through an all-in-one learning management system

Client Quote:

“We are an organization whose work is based on relationships, we rely on the importance of relationships, so it’s great that Blossom feels exactly the same way. Super easy to search for learning of interest, Blossom has created a sense of organization and calm.”

Dana Kosto – Leaning System Manager, OTI