Streamlining ZIM’s Training and Qualifications Management

Blossom met shipping giant ZIM’s challenges
with a fast solution for managing offline and interactive training & qualifications for 6000 users globally.

ZIM Overview
ZIM Integrated Shipping LTD is one of the largest carriers in the world today. With over half a million containers constantly on the move, ZIM provides global shipping solutions to clients in 180 port of calls, employing representatives in over 100 locations world-wide. ZIM has invested extensively in IT systems over the past few years, with over $100M spent on advanced software solutions that serve the company’s 6000 users and enable wide global outreach.

Training Challenges in Shipping
ZIM operates in accordance with the strict regulations governing the shipping industry. Regulations and procedures are constantly being updated to keep up with the rapidly changing technological solutions and may differ from one port to another. ZIM needs to keep its 6000 users informed, trained and qualified on a daily basis, or else operations are slowed down. Delay in delivery or complete stoppage may result in millions of dollars in damage.

Main Challenges:

  • Regulations are updated dynamically
  • Users in over 100 locations world-wide
  • Localizing communications in different languages
  • Users constantly on the move
  • Achieving training under time sensitive conditions

Blossom’s Solution for Managing, Monitoring, Reporting and Alerts
Blossom was contracted to provide a training & qualifications management solution that would offer a live class platform and a sophisticated tool for managing qualifications, including notifications for users, alerts to managers, scheduling and integration with other ZIM software solutions that would control permissions in accord with qualifications.

The interactive learning platform is critical for a widely spread company like ZIM, making it possible to reach users quickly and efficiently. Blossom’s cross-device support was instrumental in allowing users to take courses and qualification materials uninterruptedly and on the go.

Successful Deployment in 6 Weeks
Blossom was contracted to replace a less satisfactory solution and due to the tights shipping schedules at hand – the platform needed to be imlemented within 6 weeks of the order. Our team worked closely with ZIM’s IT and training staff to customize the system to their needs, clean and upload data and run pilots.

Blossom met the deadline successfully, garnering terrific results in a voluntary survey that 1000 users participated in.