Streamlining Training & Qualifications Management Processes for a Top 20 Global Shipping Carrier

Blossom met shipping giant ZIM’s challenges with a fast solution for managing offline and interactive training & qualifications for 6000 users globally

The Client

ZIM Integrated Shipping LTD is one of the largest carriers in the world. With over half a million containers constantly on the move, ZIM provides global shipping solutions to clients in 180 ports of call, employing representatives in over 100 locations worldwide. ZIM has invested extensively in IT systems over the past few years, with over $100M spent on advanced software solutions that serve the company’s 6000 users and enable wide global outreach.  

The Challenge

ZIM operates in accordance with the strict regulations governing the shipping industry. Regulations and procedures are constantly being updated to keep up with the rapidly changing technological solutions and may differ from one port to another. ZIM needs to keep its 6000 users informed, trained and qualified on a daily basis, or else operations are slowed down. Delay in delivery or complete stoppage may result in millions of dollars in damage. 

ZIM faced several challenges as a large, global company in a heavily regulated industry:

  • Regulations are constantly changing and updated
  • Users in over 100 locations worldwide
  • Localizing communications in different languages
  • Users constantly on the move
  • Achieving training under time sensitive conditions

The Solution

ZIM has been working with Blossom’s Training Platform for a several years, serving thousands of employees in dozens of countries all over the world, offering more than 100 training and certification programs, and relying on the platform to instruct and certify its world-wide support teams.

With advanced e-learning and training modules designed for simple, real-time management of enterprise training environments, Blossom enables ZIM to provide easy and intuitive access for its instructors, trainees and administrators to relevant knowledge — wherever they are located and at any time.

The cutting-edge reporting mechanism also allows ZIM’s account managers and executives to easily trace their users’ certification path and allows individuals to enjoy a modern and easy-to-use platform that fits their daily learning requirements.

Continuous certification for ZIM employees for optimal performance of their duties:
ZIM uses a comprehensive ERP program in which key processes change from time to time, in accordance with regulatory requirements in various countries around the world. In order to ensure that ZIM employees worldwide are qualified to use all of the organizational information system modules, 17 dedicated certification processes were created in ZIM’s Blossom platform. If the type of work in a particular module changes in the organizational ERP system, the relevant employees are required to undergo the re-qualification process in the Blossom system. The two-way link between ZIM’s ERP system and the Blossom platform makes it possible for ZIM to ensure that employees who do not have valid certification on the Blossom platform, will not be able to run the relevant modules in the enterprise ERP system.

Enterprise Knowledge Management:
ZIM employees all over the world are required to become familiar with and work on a variety of work procedures and to be familiar with the rules and regulations in accordance with the destination ports. With the Blossom platform, the vast amount of documents and knowledge is easily searched and accessed so that they can be used in real time.

Organizational learning:
The Blossom platform enables ZIM to solve the “headache” involved in the training and distributed learning of thousands of employees worldwide. The Blossom platform enables the application of a wide range of Blended Learning processes, combining the creation and use of e-learning, the design and management of frontal lessons, online lessons and webinars, joint work, project learning and more.
The system of reports and alerts built into the Blossom platform enables ZIM management to know in real time the effectiveness of learning processes, identify failures and respond accordingly.

Onboarding processes:
A large multinational organization such as ZIM is constantly recruiting new employees. Beyond formal training, a structured and supervised process of individual training for each employee (OJT) is required. The Blossom platform enables ZIM to plan, execute and monitor this crucial stage in training new employees as an integral part of the comprehensive training process.

Enterprise-wide survey system:
The Blossom platform enables ZIM to plan and conduct surveys in a short time, distribute them to all employees of the company all over the world, analyze the results and present them in a simple and easy way.


Leveraging Blossom’s Platform Knowledge, Learning & Training modules, ZIM’s executives can now rest assured that their employees are well trained, and sufficiently certified to drive the business forward.

Efficiently Administering Employees’ Training and Certification Process

ZIM’s executives, managers, training administrators and employees are all leveraging Blossom’s platform to register, administer, train, certify and monitor the training and certification processes of all users.

A Clear, Current Analysis of Users’ Knowledge Gaps

As a world leader in shipping, ZIM relies on its employees’ knowledge to take the business forward. Ensuring that all employees are well trained and certified is a key success factor. Blossom’s platform enables this process by empowering both employees and account managers to know, in real-time, what knowledge they should acquire and by streamlining the workforce to support business growth.

Effectively Managing the Training Programs through a Fully Branded Corporate Training Portal

ZIM has utilized Blossom’s open APIs to create a corporate training portal that is fully branded with ZIM’s brand identity. Leveraging this easy-to-use portal, trainees, instructors and managers can easily see what courses should be completed within a pre-defined training program and receive the latest status of their certification process — all using an accessible interface that is fully colored and structured to fulfill all corporate identity requirements