Top financial institution requires stable organisational management solution

Case Study: Migdal

Before its partnership with Blossom, Migdal faced a growing list of challenges surrounding its ability to meaningfully onboard, train, certify, and distribute information to its large workforce. The financial group required an organisational management solution that would be configurable and dynamic to meet its shifting needs. After a thorough analysis, Migdal selected Blossom. Upon implementation, Migdal has experienced significant increases in user adoption and engagement, and its IT team has been positively impacted due to the stability of Blossom’s platform. Based on Blossom’s levels of functionality, Migdal now has a future-proof solution.



Established in 1934, Migdal is the leading insurance, pension and financial group in Israel. It seeks to play a significant role in building a humane, healthy and stable society. For the last 80 years, ~2.3 million customers have entrusted Migdal and its 15,000 agents to manage their money and provide economic security responsibly. Combined with all of Migdal’s insurance branches and its dominance over the insurance and financial fields, it has created an opportunity for its customers and employees to benefit from reliable state-of-the-art services.


Before partnering with Blossom, Migdal engaged with a competing LMS provider that did not meet the organisation’s requirements. Increasingly, Migdal found that the LMS product was unstable, rigid in its learning processes, provided poor interfaces, and lacked a strong integration with its HR function. This caused delays in onboarding and negative experiences overall. Engagement with the product was minimal to non-existent. Shifting demands brought on by the pandemic and requirements for increased customisation and flexibility coupled with the need for a mobile app and ease for distributing information to Migdal’s workforce of over 15,000 agents was the catalyst for seeking a new organisational management solution.


  • Automating the management of annual regulation and compliance training
  • The ability for employees to self-register for campus courses
  • System support, security, and stability for a constantly evolving and dynamic organisation
  • Ability to create and distribute content to employees in an everchanging work landscape


  • Significant increase in user adoption and engagement
  • Supporting cross-functional collaboration
  • A substantial decrease in the number of IT-related issues due to the stability of Blossom’s platform
  • Greater speed and quality brought to managing learning needs – from basic to more complex requirements
  • Improved quality around regulation and compliance and employee access to learning and development
  • The centralisation of organisational management functions – from onboarding, to learning, to feedback management


Blossom provides excellent service. The team is very fast and professional, and they always meet SLAs. The level of collaboration and engagement are far superior to anything we have experienced!

– Migdal IT Project Manager