Transforming a National Tax Authority’s Training Management System from Manual to Fully Digital

Blossom transitioned the Israel Tax Authority from its outdated, manual training management system to innovative digital tracking, a friendly computer-based LMS and automated surveying

The Client

The Israel Tax Authority is a large, widespread government office. The Tax Authority’s 6,000 users are civil servants, located in offices all over the country, who do not have a strong technical background. The authority’s users are constantly undergoing training on tax procedures and regulations. This hefty operation needed to move its entire training management structure to a digital environment, and chose Blossom to do it.

The Challenge

Before contracting Blossom, the Tax Authority was managing its training operations manually. The Blossom team had to introduce not only new software, but an altogether new approach to training. Adjusting Blossom to the Tax Authority’s needs included an extensive process of spec’ing the workflows. Implementation was also a challenge in this conservative work environment, where change and technological innovation are met with some resistance.   

The Solution

Overcoming Government Office Encumbrance

The Blossom team worked closely with the Israel Tax Authority to tailor the software’s workflows to the work processes de facto. Implementation was made easy thanks to Blossom’s friendly user interface and advanced API abilities. Blossom supported the Tax Authority teams through every step of the onboarding process.       

Helping Civil Service Stay Dynamic

Today, the Israeli Tax Authority relies on Blossom as a platform for multiple services:

  • LMS – ongoing computer-based training for the authority’s 6000 end users
  • Training Management – automation and tracking of training operations that enables easy scheduling, segmentation by accreditation and progress monitoring
  • Survey and Feedback – helping improve the office’s functionalities by gathering employee input swiftly and accurately

Implementing Blossom helped the Tax Authority reduce the resources they were pouring into training, both in time and budget. The authority’s employees converted successfully to digital training, and changes in regulations and legislation can now be communicated quickly and more effectively, allowing for better customer service and higher satisfaction rates.