Implementing a Secure Digital Training Platform for India’s Air Force

Blossom was instrumental in implementing quick, efficient training channels that connect the entire Indian Air Force, enabling a huge user-base to stay updated and informed

The Client

The fourth-largest air force in the world, the Indian Air Force is comprised of several tens of thousands of soldiers and military professionals. The IAF also takes pride in employing some of the most cutting-edge military technology in the world. As such, there is a constant need to update training programs, procedures and regulations in order to keep up with software updates and technological innovations in the field.

The Challenge

Like most military frameworks, training operations in the IAF encompass numerous trainees and personnel across units, ranks and fields of expertise. The biggest challenges encountered by the air force’s training officers were:

  • Providing constantly updated training material to an enormous number of trainees
  • Coordinating training needs and delivery in a huge administrative system
  • Delivering updated training to units and individuals located all over India
  • The need for impenetrable software security

The Solution

Training Platform for Over 10K Trainees

The IAF implemented Blossom as its LMS and training management solution in 2013 and has since been a critical layer in the force’s training activity. Blossom’s friendly and intuitive LMS platform serves tens of thousands of IAF trainees and allows training professionals to compose, edit and update training programs easily and efficiently. Officers are able to keep track of their subordinates’ training schedules and grades. Blossom’s ability to be installed on premise made it possible to meet the military’s high standard of security.   

Staying at the Forefront of Technology

Blossom’s training and learning platform gives the Indian Air Force the ability to stay innovative and modern in the competitive field of military technology. Tailored to IAF’s exact needs, the Blossom solution allows the air force to efficiently adjust its training processes and content in a constantly changing landscape.