Providing a Seamless, Dynamic Training & Recruiting Platform for an International Telco company

Blossom met Bezeq International’s needs in training, certification and recruiting with a seamless solution adapted to the needs of the telecommunications industry

The Client

Bezeq International is one of Israel’s largest telecommunications provider, supplying internet and phone services to over 40% of local consumers. Bezeq International is also a leading provider of communications, IT services and IT products to businesses, with a large network of data centers, countrywide. The telecommunications giant needs to keep its 4000 employees proficient and constantly trained on its variety of software, hardware and services. 

The Challenge

Bezeq International’s biggest training-related challenge is making sure that its numerous support representatives, sales and pre-sales representatives and account managers are well-informed about the latest products and services. Telecommunications is a constantly evolving field, with innovations sprouting up frequently and impatient end-users, always on the hunt for faster, better, and cheaper solutions, which providers must deliver in order to stay competitive.

Another challenge was the call-center employee turnover. Call center employees are required to reach a high level of proficiency in minimal time, due to the employee churn rates. At such a naturally high turnover rate, the processes supporting talent management and recruitment can quickly get out of hand.  

Bezeq International’s challenges revolved around its dynamic, fast-paced training and recruiting needs:

  • Fast changing, competitive industry with rapid development of new products and services, and a demanding user base
  • Numerous sales & support staff who need to stay up-to-date about the company’s latest products
  • High turnover of call center staff, requiring fast recruiting, onboarding and training processes

The Solution

Creating a Dynamic Training Environment

Blossom made it possible for Bezeq International to integrate several solutions to meet its challenges: Talent Management, LMS and Certification & Accreditation Management.

Recruiting processes and pipeline are now easy to control, while Blossom’s easy to use LMS allows support, sales and product professionals to stay updated at all time.

With an automated certification system, managers and regional directors can rest assured that any employee interacting with customers or hardware is fully accredited for the task.

And finally, the candidate pipeline is managed with the desired efficiency and integrated with the other modules, to ensure that all new employees receive the appropriate and necessary training.