Partner With Blossom

With an impressive base of installed customers in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Brazil, Blossom is now looking for high quality partners to work with in North America. Blossom’s technology is advanced, comprehensive, and easy to use.  Blossom partners need to understand their client’s business, and we will provide the technical expertise. Blossom has created a strong partner program with excellent margins, support, and very significant opportunities for providing professional client services.

Advantages of partnering with Blossom:

  • The Blossom team is highly responsive and has a track record of winning important opportunities with partners – If the fit is good, we will work with you to do whatever it takes to win.
  • Extensive range of modules – With Blossom you can comfortably start with a minimum configuration and easily upgrade/expand to include more users and additional modules over time.
  • Expansion – Blossom continues to aggressively develop the platform with more features and additional modules. It gives you the option to have ongoing communication with customers and regularly generate more sales.
  • Easy customizeable – Blossom can cater 95% of the change requests that are requested by customers.
  • Flexibility – blossom platform is Scalable, can be installed in the Cloud or on premise.   It can be used as a SaaS solution or proprietary.
  • Blossom always innovates  – Enjoy the most feature rich system with constant innovations
  • More than 10 years of experience, from Hundreds of Worldwide implementations – Blossom partners can benefit from Blossom’s world-wide experience.
  • Cross vertical solution – The Blossom platform is suitable for all types of vertical markets. You can offer the Blossom platform to any organization regardless its size or industry.
  • Implementation – VAR can be trained and do implementations with its own team. Or if desired, VAR can handle the sale and Blossom will take care of the implementation.