Blossom Benefits

When you work with Blossom, you are assured of high quality, professional service, based on our vast experience on the ground. Every Blossom project is steered by a dedicated account manager and our in-house development and service teams, sourced from Israel’s world-class tech talent. This is the Blossom promise of maximum service quality.
Fast integration
Smart, lean solution that gets you up and running in just a few short weeks.
Operational independence
Manage the Blossom system entirely in house, with no need for outsourced development.
Boost efficiency and revenues with a cost-effective solution.
Vast array of modules
Replace many softwares with one solution, simplifying operations in one centralized platform.

Giving you the freedom to excel

Blossom has successfully completed hundreds of system implementations in organizations all over the world. Each project is an opportunity for us to develop new integration tools, ensuring an even smoother, faster implementation method. Once Blossom is live in your organization, you can enjoy total independence in the system’s ongoing operation. The Blossom platform is built with a simple, user friendly architecture and uniform user interface, enabling your staff to adapt the platform as needed, and manage the day-to-day running of the Blossom system entirely in house.

We don’t have clients.
We have partners.

Each Blossom partner receives full attention to their unique needs. If a client requires a feature not yet in development, we will create a workaround until a full solution is ready. The Blossom platform integrates a comprehensive array of built-in modules and tools in one comprehensive solution. This means one integration, one implementation, one support center, and one user interface. Every new update and version release is provided free to all our partners, with no extra fees. And with vast experience behind us, the Blossom team is equipped to get your solution live in just a few short weeks.

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