E-learning: What’s Really Important

E-learning is much more than just computerized education. Find out what really matters in e-learning.

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On-Premise Vs the Cloud: How to Choose

The choice between cloud or on-premise really depends on your company’s needs.

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Employee Evaluation: Why It’s Important and How to Do It Right

A positive employee evaluation process isn’t out of reach, with the right digital platform to manage the process end to end.

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How to Do Smart Reporting in the Digital Age

Smart reporting systems strive to make data accessible and friendly, without falling into the information overload trap.

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How to Create Efficient Employee Onboarding Processes

The only way to ensure onboarding best practice is to utilize a computerized approach that customizes and monitors the onboarding process for every position and employee. 

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Social Collaboration Tools: How They Help to Boost Workplace Efficiency

With the right social collaboration tools, companies can turn the challenges of globalization and digitalization into a world of opportunity. 

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